Nova Functional Wellness Greets You!

Conveniently located in lovely Uptown Waterloo, we offer functional medicine and clinical functional nutrition services to our clients within the region as well for those outside of the Waterloo region through our convenience of our virtual office.

Prevention and restoration are the keys to longevity. How we do that is through detailed review and findings of organ systems of symptoms, correct application of available functional medicine laboratory testing, functional blood chemistry evaluation, SNP genomic analysis, individualized nutrition plan based on the findings of environmental, stress, emotional and lifestyle triggers.  The dedicated, detailed, and effective plan is provided through evidence based clinical nutrition.

Over 90% of current health conditions are  due  to choice not by chance.

Strategies For Better Health

Individualized Nutrition Plan
Optimizing Methylgenetics Profile
Speciality Nutraceuticals
Lifestyle, Environment, Stress Triggers Consulting
Promotion of Prevention to enhance health span

Our Core Values

Primum non nocere- FIRST DO NO HARM

Our priority is to apply therapeutic approaches that are in accordance and in synergy with the healing process of the body and mind. A conscious effort is made to use gentle and effective natural therapies that do not suppress symptoms.


To understand and recognize a dynamic balance between the internal and external environment individual is experiencing is a critical step requiring effective listening, good communication, and patience.

We approach and foster our work with a deep respect and dignity for all different clients’ experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds we encounter.


Focusing on providing and achieving long lasting results, whereby we seek effective and efficient ways to solve problems, to educate and provide resources so you can be in control and self-efficient as your own health steward.


We work to constantly build and maintain trust with our clientele, as we are committed to obtaining higher education and  staying current within our areas of responsibility and  research interest.

We respect autonomy and acknowledge each individual’s unique requirements for success toward a restoration of health that is of their available optimal capacity.

Our services

A wholistic detailed analysis of your health history from the prenatal period to the present day. This timeline is of importance in understanding the progression of symptoms presented. What you gain is an education and understanding of how your health conditions timeline has come to full effect, and you are respectfully guided to restore health by implementing preventative measures. You no longer see health as by chance, thus gaining full control of your choices.


Functional Clinical Nutrition evaluates your metabolism, nutrient levels, and how well your digestion is working so you can take bio-individual actions to maximize your nutrition with food plans and nutraceutical supplementation.


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 Functional Labs

Functional laboratory testing helps us understand your individual biochemistry and highlights any imbalances that may need to be addressed.  It can also provide an important tool for monitoring progress of treatment.

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Metabolic Balance®

All natural highly individualized nutrition plan. The result is successful long-term weight management. This plan acts as a “road-map” that gives you the exact natural foods needed to orchestrate biochemical changes for individualized weight and health goals.

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If you have been looking to gain an in-depth look at your current well-being but have received a one size fits all approach.

You have dedication and commitment to gain a satisfying perspective on how to achieve results that are effective and peculiar to you.

If you have had an inclination to learn more about how functional medicine and clinical nutrition can help you.

You have tried other quick fixes, other approaches. You do not make excuses or assign blame for your previous attempts.

You are wondering what alternative testing can reveal about your current status. You want to learn.

You are comfortable with compliance and commitment to own responsibility for your health choices.

You have had chronic pain and long standing health issues.


Everyone gets started on with Restoring  Cellular  Communication  Pathways (RCCP) programme which specifically rebuilds  the foundation for further work. What this  programme does  is balances  the whole endocrine  and digestive  system and helps to  open up  the drainage  pathways; specifically the  kidney,  liver and  colon and  so much more. More specifically minerals and hydration are restored, basics of biochemical functioning.

An initial healing strategy designed to assist the body to return to this state of optimal health. It accomplishes this by working cooperatively with your own organs of drainage and elimination, providing nourishment in the form of core nutrition and safely setting the stage for a deeper level of toxin removal if necessary. Experiencing weight loss, overall increased energy, improved sleep, improved emotional health, body aches decrease and improve bowel movements.

The program consists of high quality, only Physica Energetics trained practitioner ordered supplements alongside with elimination diet for 30 days. Extra individualized support may be prescribed such as gallbladder support, methylation support, cortisol management, Vitamin D if deficient etc.  Alongside you receive a free Detox Solutions book by Dr. Fitzgerald.  Plenty of support is provided and guidance during this initial set up.