Our Approach

We begin with attentive and compassionate dedication into listening, understanding, discovery, gathering of clinical evidence. This is done through taking the time to listen to the timeline history of symptomology, nutritional analysis, and functional laboratory assessments. Then we strategically plan an individual functional wellness plan based on the information we gather.  It all begins with foundational work. Our clients are given time to be educated and to be well informed. We filter out complexity and return to simplicity, to the foundational medicine.

Our goal is to guide our clients in their own journey in achieving their level of their optimal functional health by addressing the whole person, not just a set of symptoms.

We listen, gather, discover, identify, remove, replace and restore.

We address the terrain that promotes imbalance and disease.

You reach better health.

Clinical Areas of Interest

  • Gastro-Intestinal Inflammation (IBS/IBD, GERD, “leaky gut”, SIBO, Peptic ulcers, Constipation)

  • Food Intolerances

  • Mitochondrial Imbalances

  • Endocrine dysfunction (Adrenals,Thyroid, HPA axis)

  • Immune support

  • Detoxification Support

  • Metabolic syndromes (High cholesterol, Diabetes, High blood pressure)

  • Emotional disturbances (Anxiety, Depression, Irritability)

  • Genetic SNP Polymorphism (Methylation,Transsulfuration, Histamine, Vitamin D, Biopterin, Glucose metabolism pathways…)

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity (Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, Thalium, Lead…)

  • Nutrient Excess/Deficiencies

Assessments and Tests

Organic Acid Testing
Comprehensive Stool Analysis & Parasitology
Salivary Hormone Panels (Male/Female)
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
Genetic SNP Raw Data Analysis (23andme)
Bio-Energetic Screening
Hair Mineral Analysis
Body Composition Measurement - BioImpedanece Analysis (BIA)
Individualized Nutrition Plan (based on individual biochemistry, preferences, intolerances..)
Metabolic Balance (personalized weight management program)
Environmental Toxicity Testing
Food Intolerances Testing

Levels of Health and Healing

There are five levels of healing according to teachings of our current medical eclectic thinker Dr. D. Klinghardt. True healing requires simultaneous work on all of these levels. His innovative model of healing is applicable to anyone with physical, behavioral or mental issues, regardless of diagnosis. We chose to follow that model in our strategic and foundational plans. We understand that psycho somatic effects are evident in much of integrative psychiatry, therefore, influences flow both up and down. Mental health, for instance, has a regulatory effect on levels beneath it, while physical strength supports work at higher levels.

Everything is in coherence with every level.

Learn More About 5 Levels Of Healing
Physical Body Level 1
Physical Body Level 1

This is the foundation on what everything else rests upon. This physical body interacts with the environment, air, earth, energy. It is what is perceived by our five senses. These interactions impact functioning of complex biochemical pathways and structural integrity.

Energetic Body Level 2
Energetic Body Level 2

Our neuronal network activity of the nervous system is influenced by the magnetic and electric fields. Most somatic and autonomic nerves in the body travel in the longitudinal axis of the body and the nerve currents spread as electric fields along these nerves. Each cell emits bio photon, a light, an energetic field.

Mental   Field  Level 3
Mental Field Level 3


Our beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes as organized on the mental field. Here our perceptions of our realities are embedded and influenced by the levels below. Thoughts trigger emotions and other energy body changes, which in turn trigger change in the physical body, as we have psycho somatic associations. The mental field can be as sick as the physical field.

Dream Body   Level 4
Dream Body Level 4

This is the level of our collective unconscious as per Carl Jung. This is the level where transgenerational imprint in family dynamics can be observed. We all know some story of underlying personal themes of grief stricken repetitive family suicide following generations, hero’s journey (mythicism), betrayal, wisdom, and troubles of romantic relations in themes of lives. These transgenerational imprints are reoccurring themes and permeate our lives,  so to be released is to recognize the unconscious patterns, through modalities such as psychotherapy, meditation, dream analysis. Dynamics of respect, love, and harmony.



Spirit Body Level 5
Spirit Body Level 5

A self-healing plane, where the only relationship exists between the individual and the God. Universal energetic laws exist here, it is not a place for anyone to interfere with except that individual. The fifth level is this part of the creator that reaches into us and wants to learn and experience the physical world through this individual with all his or her flaws, strengths and idiosyncrasies. Here we observe that we are a spiritual being having a physical human experience.