“I looked to meet with Ana because I had multiple times  urinary infections in like 6 months. Each time I had to take antibiotic. She gave me herbals, supplements, probiotics,  as well the  homeopathic pills,  and no more urinary trouble. We also had other work done too, because I had other symptoms as result of what happened after long use of antibiotics. Anything I need, I ask her. Now my doctor accepts  recommendations Ana suggests and does blood work testing if needed without hesitations.” UE


” I had strep throat infections like 2-3 times per year, and antibiotics. It was not getting better.  Came to see Ana , she recommended  supplements to take   and created my personal remedy  using an electromagnetic machine  she has in the office. My bowels improved,my skin improved, I had less bloating and discomfort after meal. She has helped my  gut and I have not had another strep throat  entire year after.” MI


“My doctor prescribed cholesterol drugs. I did not want to take them, I thought I could get my cholesterol balanced with correct food. I met  Ana shortly after my doctor visit, with lab reports. Within 3 months my cholesterol balanced with new diet plan, few supplements. I felt good on the plan and had much energy .” PH


” When I came in for first time, I had been on 11 different supplements. I had seen few other practitioners in town. Ana suggested testing and we started from scratch. She has attention to detail and asks a lot of questions. In her office she has these posters where she helped  me understand inflammation. I was given my own personal  food plan, she encouraged to get most nutrients from nutritious foods. It took over 4 months for me to see how the plan she had for me had been a good one for me. A lot of work we still have to do, but now I have understanding of what works and what does not. I learned a lot.” SHW


“My child, 7 years old  has had trouble sleeping at night, bedwetting and showed anxiety. In school he did not pay much attention during the day. At home he would quiet down or have an angry outburst. Seeing Ana, she listened and had  helped him with  sleep and less anxiety. He has improved overall, I had gone through divorce so she understood the complexity of that and effect on him. Very thankful for seeing Ana, she had been referred to me by my friend who had taken her kids here too.”  AG


” I had horrible hot flashes for  more than 5 years, as a  nurse I had tried all. My hot flashes were so bad I had to keep change of clothes with me all times.  I saw Ana from a recommended friend,  within 1 month my hot flashes reduced 60 % and within 7 months, I  had hot flashes randomly. I slept much better. My mood also improved, I was not snappy as much and I had more toleration.”  M. S.


” I was overweight 30 lbs and had been dealing with menopause for 3 years. Feeling not in control of my body, despite working out and eating healthy. Something  else was happening. I had seen Ana, I saw her article in MOST magazine about hormone health and menopause and I wanted to see what she can do for me. She had me on metabolic balance program, I  came to my comfortable  weight goal losing 24 lbs. She  addressed my hormone balance and menopausal symptoms.  This all happened in 8 months. This all happened with me who had full hysterectomy. ”  M.L.


“I was feeling tired, bloated, anxious and gain weight for no reason to me. One thing she did was really take a thorough history  like she wanted to know all  medical prescriptions, where I lived looking at surrounding evnironment, what my diet was, emotional stuff too. Then we did some hormonal testing and stool analysis.  I had been seeing for 1 year, to really focus on working on my gut. Within few months the  bloating, belching, discomfort after I ate food, decreased and my energy increased. Ana takes time  in educating me of what I am dealing with and how to prevent from reoccurring. The one thing that helped me most is the metabolic balance nutrition plan she created for me and specific supplements to help. I did not know what that meant to have blood work for a nutrition plan, but now I see how important it is to have a plan for me, not a plan everyone else had tried.” R.T


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